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  • We will reopen for poetry and fiction for our fall theme issue (Migration) in early 2017.

  • Artwork and Haiku Reviews are considered year-round.


We can only consider works submitted through our submission manager. 

Simultaneous submissions: We accept and encourage simultaneous submissions. If your story is accepted elsewhere, please withdraw it from submittable and let us know.

Typography: We do not have strict guidelines on how you format your work so long as it is comfortably readable. Times New Roman, 12 point font is an acceptable go-to.

Response time: We are honored to receive your work, and try diligently to respond within a 4 month period. After that time, you are welcome to query 


We are eager to read your short fiction, flash fiction, novel excerpts, and any other form you wish to send our way. We don't currently have a strict cap on the number of pages, but it is uncommon for us to accept stories that are over 25 (double-spaced) pages.

Multiple submissions: we will review no more than 2 works of fiction by an author at a time; please wait to submit more stories until after you have received a reply regarding your current submissions.  

Graphic Literature

Short graphic literature is considered for publication on our blog/online magazine. We don't have a strict cap on number of pages, but it is uncommon for us to accept graphic literature over 25 pages in length.


We are not currently open for novella submissions.

Novellas should range between 15K-40K words and graphic novellas should range between 30-75 facing pages. These should be submitted in their respective categories on submittable. 


Submit up to five previously unpublished poems, and/or prose poems in one file. No book-length poems. We are eager to receive your poetry of all and varied forms and styles.


N.B.: We are eager to receive your work in color to be considered for our cover; as well as black and white images for the inside of our print issues.

We accept artwork of all kinds, including paintings, photographs, digital and mixed media art, etc. See our back issues to get a sense of our aesthetic. 

Please include up to fifteen images, preferably in one submission either as multiple image files or 1 PDF or zip file (in the case of a PDF submission, we will need high resolution image files upon acceptance).  We ask that artists send a specific set of images that they feel will cohere well within a literary journal and represent their artistic vision.

The Gypsy Sachet Award in Letters & Autobiography

No one knows better than writers how grueling a task it can be to write a cover letter and biography to attach to your story submissions. And certainly no one knows just how enjoyable these collateral submission materials can sometimes be than the staff of a literary journal. Flock recognizes particularly creative, beautiful, funny, and poetic letter & biography submissions with this unique award. Gypsy Sachet Award winners are published on our online magazine. All submission cover letters & bios are considered for the award (no extra submission is needed) though authors and artists are welcome to opt-out. There is no specific word count -- we're interested in your one line or one page (or longer) letters & bios. Please note that winning the Gypsy Sachet Award does not imply acceptance or rejection of the main submission.


Flock is a print journal.  We request first-time worldwide print rights; nonexclusive reprint/anthology rights (including the right to republish stories on the web); and rights to use excerpts in our promotional materials. All other rights revert back to the author upon publication. If the work is republished, we ask that Flock is noted as the first place of publication.

Flock is now accepting book reviews in Haiku form! Please include the title of the book, the author's name, and the Haiku review. Reviewers may submit up to 4 reviews at a time. Please include them in one document.
Please include up to fifteen images. We accept artwork of all kinds, including paintings, photographs, digital and mixed media art, and etc.